Hodge at Race42012.com: The left fears Sarah Palin, and the left also fears Kris Kobach

Benjamin Hodge at Race42012.com:

I think Rush Limbaugh is on to something when he talks about the left fearing Sarah Palin.  To be clear, I am largely neutral on the 2012 GOP Presidental nomination.  I do consider Palin to be a viable candidate, should she choose to run.  And I among those who think that a large factor in the left’s brutal attacks on Palin is that they legitimately fear her.

The left also fears Kris Kobach, the 2006-2008 Kansas GOP Chairman who is running for the open Kansas Secretary of State’s position.

Tonight, at 10:30 p.m. Central on Comedy Central, Kobach is a guest on The Colbert Report.  Tomorrow, at 7:15 a.m. Central, Kobach will be a guest on The Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends.

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