Top 10 – Undervalued Players in NFL

#1 David Garrard: There has been a lot of controversy regarding our ranking of David Garrard and many believe that we are crazy to rank him in out top five. However, we strongly believe that he will outperform his average draft position (16th best quarterback) and has a good chance of being a top five quarterback in 2009. If you take Garrard’s final ten games in 2008 (after his center Brad Meester came back), he would project to 290 fantasy points. Even more interesting, if you add the 11 complete games that he played in 2007, he averages 228 passing yards, 1.4 TDs, 0.6 INTs and 19 rushing yards per game over those 21 games in the past two years. Over 16 games, those numbers would give him 302 fantasy points which would have made him the eighth best QB in 2008 but only a few points behind Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb. On top of that, there are three reasons why he could improve this year: the Jaguars will get their two starting guards back, they have upgraded the two tackle positions and they added Torry Holt at WR. Garrard has been a top eight quarterback over the past two years if we forget the six games last season where he was missing all three of his interior linemen so imagine what he can do with a much improved line and a seven-time Pro Bowler to throw to. There is absolutely no reason why Garrard should be ranked outside the top ten quarterbacks and we strongly believe that with those upgrades, he can move into the top five. For those reasons he is #1 on our 2009 list of most undervalued players.

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