As Obama’s ratings go down, down, down, Republicans attack, attack, attack By: BYRON YORK

Back in 2001, I asked a well-connected Democratic strategist what Bush’s low-50s numbers meant for Democrats. The answer I got is outdated in its details but spot-on about what falling poll numbers mean. “The numbers…tell Tom Daschle to push full steam ahead on patients’ bill of rights and make Bush veto it,” the strategist said. “They tell Dick Gephardt to push full steam ahead on a discharge petition and a vote on campaign finance reform and make the president veto it. They tell Democrats to push full steam ahead on the environment.”

Weeks later, September 11 changed the calculation for Bush. But when a president’s job approval numbers are falling, heading toward 50 percent, the message the opposition takes from that is as clear today as it was then: attack, attack, attack.

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