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Car salesman Rob Bojaryn — “If they can’t administer a program like this, I’d be a little concerned about my health insurance”

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Club for Growth.

Jack Cashill column: Kids need a pop, not a pop tax

Friday, July 31st, 2009


As Brent Baker reports on his blog, the network news shows seem to be as suddenly keen on taxing soda pop as are America’s ever vigilant health police.

What triggered the networks’ enthusiasm is a recent study which found that very fat people cost the health care system on average $1,400 a year per person more than their trim brethren.

On Monday, both ABC and CBS, likely prompted by the White House, did stories unsubtly advocating a pop tax to cover the additional cost.

“Health officials seem to like the idea of a federal soda tax,” chirped Sharyn Alfonsi on ABC News, “supporters say it could cut health care costs and America’s ever- expanding bottom line, all at once.”

However, unlike many other media hysterias-global warming comes to mind–the obesity problem is real. According to a recent, authoritative study done by the obesity clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston, 16 percent of American children weighed in as obese, two-thirds of those being extremely obese, and another 32 percent were overweight. (more…)

Hodge announces state-wide PAC, focused on “good-government” reform of state and local government

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Benjamin Hodge writes at Race42012:

For readers living in Kansas or otherwise interested in Kansas politics, I would like to announce the formation of a PAC called Kansans for Reform of State and Local Government.  It is a state-wide PAC, and I do intend on endorsing candidates across the entire state.

Though, because of time limitations, I will first focus most of my energies on Johnson County, where 50% of voters are registered Republican, which has about 20% of the state’s voters, and which has about 30 local government bodies that receive billions in tax dollars.  Our Web site for now will be found at (more…)