Opinion on ObamaCare: Those Who Don’t Remember History…

by Pete Lucas, a contributing author:

Many of you probably remember how Hillary Clinton crashed and burned trying to get healthcare reform passed back in 94. She burned up a lot of political capital and ended up just looking pathetic.

Bill Clinton knew that healthcare reform was going to be a tar baby, and he wisely kept his distance. He had Hillary take on that battle because if it flopped, he didn’t want to waste his own political capital on it. As things worked out, Bill looked like a genius.

Obama did not pay attention to the history of healthcare reform in America. He wants to do basically the same thing that the Clintons wanted (although he wants to spend more). Obama assumed he has unlimited political capital because of his high polling numbers, but he is going to end up burning all of that capital on this single issue.

According to a recent CNN poll, 88% of Americans are happy with their current health insurance coverage. Those who are uninsured are largely illegal immigrants, young people who don’t feel they NEED insurance, and then a final small percentage who are simply too poor to afford it.

The small percentage who can’t afford it could be put into Medicare quite easily – a system that’s already in place. Those who choose not to purchase insurance will simply have to pay their way if they get sick. The illegal immigrants simply cannot get free healthcare. As a country we cannot afford it. Our states are nearly bankrupt, and it’s ridiculous to think that the American taxpayers should pay to cover them.

As we look around the world at other countries that have nationalized healthcare, we see over and over that the result in rationed care, bureacratic stupidity and inefficiency, and a massive slowdown in people entering medicine as a profession.

People hold up the UK and Canada as GOOD examples, yet people flock from both places to pay for better care here. How can that be if those systems are so good? I’ve never heard of anyone from America going to Canada for medical care, have you?

Letting the government run things will always result in bureacracies that exist for the sole purpose of existing. Government programs are like roach motels… they check in, but they don’t check out. For example, we still have a Bureau of Indian Affairs. There are about 20 native Americans left, and the Bureau sucks up massive resources that would be better just distributed to the native Americans. That’s assuming we agree that we need to continue paying reparations (that’s what it is) for something that happened 250 years ago.

Obama, if he succeeds in passing healthcare reform, will go down in history as one of the worst presidents of the last 100 years.

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