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Bunning Announces Retirement

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

By Kathleen Hunter, CQ Staff

Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning announced Monday that he will not seek a third term next year.

Had he chosen to run, Bunning would have been hindered by his mediocre early fundraising, potential primary opposition, the prospect of a strong Democratic challenge, and weak public approval ratings that seem more related to his combative personality than his conservative voting record.

Opinion on ObamaCare: Those Who Don’t Remember History…

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

by Pete Lucas, a contributing author:

Many of you probably remember how Hillary Clinton crashed and burned trying to get healthcare reform passed back in 94. She burned up a lot of political capital and ended up just looking pathetic.

Bill Clinton knew that healthcare reform was going to be a tar baby, and he wisely kept his distance. He had Hillary take on that battle because if it flopped, he didn’t want to waste his own political capital on it. As things worked out, Bill looked like a genius.

Obama did not pay attention to the history of healthcare reform in America. He wants to do basically the same thing that the Clintons wanted (although he wants to spend more). Obama assumed he has unlimited political capital because of his high polling numbers, but he is going to end up burning all of that capital on this single issue. (more…)

Editorial: List of acceptable Lt. Gov choices for Brownback a short one

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009


Conservative Kansans are hoping that Brownback chooses boldly as he makes major appointments over the coming 18 months.  One of the first will be the choosing of his running mate.  There’s little doubt that Brownback will pick a pro-life person as Lt. Governor, but there is a large amount of doubt about whether that person will be a fiscal conservative, and whether he or she will be a leader.

Many expect that Brownback will pick a Johnson County legislator as his running-mate.  That’s a bit troubling, because the number of economic conservatives is so small.  In the Senate, there are Jeff Colyer and Mary Pilcher Cook.  In the House, there are Anthony Brown, Lance Kinzer, Mike Kiegerl, Ray Merrick, Rob Olson, Arlen Siegfreid, and Kevin Yoder.

Some other Republicans are indeed pro-life, but are otherwise unreliable.  Kansas would be better off with Brownback choosing Topeka pro-choice, economic conservative Lana Gordon — or even former Democratic Rep. Candy Ruff — before choosing Sen. Karin Brownlee, a nice woman who unfortunately spends and taxes like a Democrat, or Sen. Julia Lynn, whom few conservatives trust.

In many ways, it comes down to how Brownback defines “conservative.”  If Brownback defines the GOP Congress of 2000 to 2006 as good-government, reform-minded conservatives, then we’ve got a big problem in Kansas.