Kaw and Border: Jerry Moran Picks His Friends (poorly)

Kaw and Border:

given the conservative nature of primaries, even in Johnson County, what the seven mayoral endorsements — and it’s implied association on policy — risks is turning off conservative voters who were looking for a horse to ride and now have motivation to pick a candidate. It also risks possibly alienating others outside of Johnson County who don’t have a favorable opinion of our county and “Johnson County economic development” anyway. Todd Tiahrt can now justifiably claim that Jerry Moran is aligning himself with a set of people who have been part of the very problems we are looking to fix. Being “better for Johnson County” is in the eye of the beholder, and many conservative Johnson County residents may react negatively to Moran and the mayors being public allies.

In summary, these mayoral endorsements are troubling from both a policy/prncipled perspective and may not have even been wise from a political one either. In essence, Jerry Moran picked his Johnson County friends yesterday, and those people are not part of the solution — nor have they, historically, been part of electoral victories in August Primaries in Johnson County.

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