Hodge comments on DC Police Chief’s remarks toward anti-red-light camera iPhone and GPS applications

Benjamin Hodge at Race42012.com:

We learn from Drudge today of a Washington Examiner article about Washington, DC, Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who is no fan of “an iPhone application and other global positioning system devices that pinpoint the location of the cameras.”

The new technology streams to iPhones and global positioning system devices, sounding off an alarm as drivers approach speed or red-light cameras.

Lanier said the technology is a “cowardly tactic” and “people who overly rely on those and break the law anyway are going to get caught” in one way or another.

DC uses 290 traffic cameras, an estimated TEN PERCENT of all traffic cameras in the entire country!

This is my favorite part of the article:  Chief Lanier “promised her officers would pick up their game to counteract the devices, which can also help drivers dodge sobriety checkpoints.”

So tax money is going toward paying DC police offers to use iPhones, in order to keep up to date with what an application is telling its users?  Is this an elite unit of the police force?  Maybe this will develop into an early “crime”-fighting internship for teenagers, where they work part-time to monitor the applications during their study hall.

Lanier says about the technology, “It’s designed to circumvent law enforcement – law enforcement that is designed specifically to save lives.”

And it is all about safety, right?  Well, no.  The Examiner reports, “Photo radar tickets generated nearly $1 billion in revenues for D.C. during fiscal years 2005 to 2008.”

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