CBS: Lance’s team change pure power play


With two days left in the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong announced he will enter the 2010 race for Radio Shack rather than Astana. Radio Shack being an American company, can safely give zero percent of a damn about Alberto Contador and build a team around Armstrong, which is the only way he would have wanted it. That he did it before this race was over tells you how desperate he was to let everyone who cares know that he would have done things differently in ’09 race — namely, been the star.

Now the press release announcing Armstrong’s repatriation to money made in America also said he would be a runner and triathlete for Radio Shack as well, and sell batteries on Monday and Tuesday at a strip mall near you, but this is really only about reclarifying his position viz. the rest of the cycling world, namely:

My team. My rules. My trophy.

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