Hodge at Race42012: The GOP needs a Newt Gingrich, and right now

Benjamin Hodge writes at Race42012:

  • Yes, independent voters are moving toward the Republican party, but this reality has more to do with an “anti-Democratic party” mood than a “pro-Republican” mood.
  • My personal opinion: the majority of DC Republicans either oppose or refuse to embrace a conservative message (conservative = the role of government).  The GOP has become a pro-life, pro-drilling Democratic party.
  • Independent voters are seeking a conservative-libertarian message and a conservative political party.  Appropriately, they do not view the Republican party as the carrier of a conservative message.
Hodge adds:
  • Consider me neutral-undecided on whether we need Newt Gingrich right now.  But, we somebody (better, several people) to fill the role that he played in the 1990s.  We need a Newt Gingrich.

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