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Editorial: Kansas Congressmen Moran and Tiahrt on NRSC’s involvement in Crist vs. Rubio, the Florida race that many view as a battle over the future of the Republican Party

Monday, July 20th, 2009

On July 7th, we wrote:

Gov. Crist is talking about “less taxes, less government, and more freedom,” but his actions have not demonstrated much passion for those principles.  In early 2009, he energetically campaigned with Obama for the ineffective, wasteful “stimulus” that received no Republican votes in the US House, and only 3 Republican votes in the US Senate (with one of those “Republicans” being now-Democrat Arlen Specter of Pennyslvania).

In late May 2009, Crist broke a no-new-tax pledge that he had made in 2006, prior to becoming governor…

The Crist endorsement is not the only sign of disconnect within the NRSC.  Cornyn failed to predict Arlen Specter’s April 28 defection to the Democratic party.  Former conservative Congressman Pat Toomey had announced a challenge to Specter in the 2010 GOP Senate primary.  In early-to-mid April, Cornyn said, “”My job as head of the NRSC is to guide the GOP back to a majority in the Senate. I can’t do that without Arlen Specter.”  Just weeks later, Specter was a Democrat, and Cornyn was writing a $5,000 check to Toomey’s campaign.

And even after Specter had left the Republican party, long-time Utah Senator and NRSC Vice Chairman Orrin Hatch (also apparently unaware of Specter’s intentions to switch parties) was still talking down Toomey’s chances of winning the general election.

On the Fourth of July, Sen. John Cornyn, who supported the TARP bank bailout program, returned to Texas’ Capital City of Austin for a tea party, and was “was booed at the start and close of his remarks.”

“You’re the problem,” someone yelled…

It’s almost certain that the winner of the 2010 Republican Senate primary between Congressman Jerry Moran and Congressman Todd Tiahrt will then go on to win the general election.  In 2011, one of them will be voting on the leadership at the NRSC.

This week, we will forward this editorial to the respective campaigns of Moran and Tiahrt, and ask them what their feelings are with regard to the current performance of the NRSC under John Cornyn.  In particular:  should the NRSC remain neutral in the Florida primary race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio?

The responses:

Moran for Senate campaign:  We spoke on the phone with Jerry Moran’s campaign manager Aaron Trost, who said that First District Congressman Moran will not be getting involved in issues or campaigns that aren’t directly related to his Senate campaign.  For another example of Moran remaining neutral, Trost said that Moran has not yet endorsed (and we presume he won’t endorse) in the very competitive Republican primary race in the First District.

Tiahrt for Senate campaign:  Not only is Tiahrt not commenting, but the Tiahrt campaign, so far, is not returning any attempts at communication.  After two Emails to a Tiahrt field director — one on July 4 and another on July 7 — and one phone message with a live answerer at Tiahrt’s Wichita campaign location last Thursday, July 16, we’ve heard nothing back from Tiahrt.