Forbes: Baseball’s Most Overpaid Players


Is Derek Jeter an All Star? Absolutely. Is he overpaid? You better believe it. With a batting average above .300 and an on-base percentage pushing .400, Jeter definitely earned his slot at Tuesday’s game, but with a salary of $21.6 million, he’s also pro baseball’s most overpaid player by a wide margin.

Consider: The average 2009 salary for a starting shortstop in the American League is $2.7 million. The second highest paid after Jeter, Oakland’s Orlando Cabrera, makes $4 million. That Jeter rakes in eight times what an average starting shortstop does, while putting up only marginally better numbers, is the biggest disparity between a player and his positional peers in major league baseball. Intangibles like leadership qualities, a big part of Jeter’s popularity, are fine, but it’s tough to argue they should push a players’ salary off the charts.

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