Club for Growth: FEC fines KTRM partner, liberal GOP group Main Street PAC; Investigation reveals coordination, excessive contributions


FEC fines Main Street PAC, Schwarz for Congress
Investigation reveals coordination, excessive contributions

Washington – According to newly-released conciliation agreements, the Federal Election Commission has fined both the Republican Main Street Partnership PAC (“RMSP-PAC”) and Joe Schwarz for Congress based on a complaint filed by the 2006 Club for Growth (“Club”).

“Main Street invited scrutiny after filing a frivolous FEC complaint against the Club,” said Executive Director David Keating. “If you’re going to file a complaint, you better be prepared to defend your own compliance with the law and Main Street had committed numerous violations.”

The Club’s complaint cited extensive evidence of coordination, including excerpts from a book in which Schwarz’s campaign manager Matt Marsden told the author that he coordinated with RMSP-PAC during the Republican primary campaign in Michigan’s Seventh Congressional District.

Rep. Fred Upton, speaking on behalf of RMSP-PAC in 2007, called the complaint “baseless.” But an FEC probe uncovered emails between Marsden and RMSP-PAC treasurer Sarah Resnick about an ad that Main Street could run on behalf of Schwarz, which the agency said was then “created and produced at the request or suggestion of the Schwarz Committee.”

The FEC also found an email exchange between Marsden, Resnick, and Schwarz media buyer John Truscott, listing radio stations where RMSP-PAC could run ads on behalf of Schwarz. Soon after the exchange, RMSP-PAC ran ads on three of the stations referenced in the email.

The agency said the ads were coordinated and constituted in-kind contributions to the Schwarz campaign that exceeded legal limits. Both groups have been fined, and Main Street treasurer Sarah Resnick must attend an FEC seminar to learn more about campaign finance laws.

“The fact that Main Street illegally coordinated ads with the Schwarz campaign isn’t surprising,” added Keating. “It’s only appropriate that both groups are finally being held accountable.”

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