Editorial: Our poll results — Mike Hendricks will be the next news columnist to lose his job at The Kansas City Star

A month ago, on June 3, we invited readers to participate in an unscientific poll on the future of Mike Hendricks and other Kansas City Star news columnists, in light of The Star’s difficult financial circumstances.

The results and accompanying graphs:

  • 75% of respondents thought that Mike Hendricks will be the next columnist to go.
  • If it’s not Hendricks to be the next columnist to lose his job, there was a tie for the second most likely outcome.  Out of 26 votes:
    • 7 (27%) thought that it would be Mary Sanchez’s column.
    • 7 (27%) thought that The Star will again become profitable, making future news columnist lay-offs unnecessary.
  • Out of 17 votes, 82% think that the next columnist to go will be a white person, regardless of the column’s readership level or other form of merit.
  • Assuming that The Star discounts merit in favor of race-based decisions, our 12 voters were 50-50 on whether The Star considers Jason Whitlock to be equally as black as other black employees, or if McClatchy/Star decision-makers think, as a negative, that Whitlock acts in a manner that is too “white” for a black man.
View the bar graphs after the fold:

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