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For the week ending 06-29-09 Lenexa officers investigated 260 incidents, conducted 45 street checks and field interviews, wrote 177 citations, and made 55 arrests, including nine arrests for DUI and three arrests for narcotics violations.


About 1:15 Monday afternoon June 29th officers and the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) troopers responded and began to investigate a fatality hit & run car wreck on K-7 Highway @ Prairie Star Pkwy. An 84 year-old Olathe woman died in the wreck and the preliminary investigation shows she was not wearing her seat belt. Thanks to tips from citizens the hit & run suspect vehicle was located and on Thursday July 2nd the suspect driver, a 32 year-old man, surrendered to authorities. The investigation is continuing and is being handled by the highway patrol. If you have any further information which may assist in the investigation please call the KHP @ 913-782-2100.

The other tragic incident this last week was a Child Abuse in an apartment complex near 95th & Quivira. On Thursday afternoon the 25th Lenexa detectives were notified by hospital personnel that they were treating a six-week old infant for injuries that were consistent with a child abuse. The detectives investigated and arrested the child’s father, a 26 year-old Lenexa man, the next day. He remains in jail.


With the dangerous heat last week there was no shortage of people getting intoxicated and losing their cool. Officers investigated incidents in bars, private residences, the roadways, and the hotels. One unusual case involved an argument between a mother and her 24 year-old daughter while at a 95th St hotel. During the argument the daughter threw a crack pipe at her mother, which got police called. Mom didn’t want to prosecute for the assault but the daughter was arrested for possession of narcotics paraphernalia (the crack pipe) and issued a no trespass warning for the hotel.

In one bar case, this near 97th & Quivira, a very intoxicated 21year-old man from Parkville, MO was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass after getting in a physical confrontation with management. Managers also told officers they have had problems with this man before and they gave him a trespass warning for their property. In an unusual case in the Country Hill neighborhood, a family fight started in the backyard of a residence after the intoxicated 47 year-old male resident made sexual advances to a female neighbor. The dispute involved that man and his 20 year-old stepson who confronted his stepfather because his mother complained to him. The end result of the case was that no charges were filed for the disturbance but five young adults were charged with Minor in Possession of Cereal Malt Beverage (beer).

There were numerous road rage cases reported this week, at least one of which, this on I-35, was initially was reported to involve a gun. Officers and detectives investigated this case and could not substantiate a weapon was involved. This incident, like most of these cases, started as a traffic dispute (following too close in the “fast” lane of the highway). In another case, this along 87th St near Pflumm and thus very close to the main police station, dispatchers directed the caller to the front parking lot of the station. Officers arrived quickly, contacted the involved parties, and arrested a 47 year-old Mission, KS man for felony DUI and Disorderly Conduct. If you find yourself getting involved in such an incident our advice is to disengage immediately and drive to the nearest crowded, and if at night, well-lit place.

Local area residents know this last weekend the city held our annual Bar-B-Q Contest where thousands of people come to sample some of the best BBQ in the area. Most everyone has a good time but there is always at least one person who commits a crime. In this case an intoxicated 18 year-old Lenexa man punched a 13 year-old boy without provocation. Officers were given a description of the suspect and located him nearby. He was charged with Battery, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest. The young man, who already has a criminal history, was released on a Notice to Appear to a responsible party.

One of the domestic cases this week was in the Parkhurst neighborhood on Haven St. In this case a 19 year-old struck his 43 year-old mother with a beverage container after they got into an argument over his lack of employment. The young man then grabbed his mother and pushed her into a window (which did not break). The victim’s injuries were minor and patrol officers arrested the man and lodged him in Adult Detention.


Although no business burglaries were reported this week we are investigating two new residential cases. In the first case, near 83rd & Acuff, a laptop computer and camera were taken from the unlocked home, likely while the family slept. This of course brings up the reminder to please “double check” your doors and windows before you retire for the night. The other residential case took place in Oak Park Village apartments near 95th & Halsey where a front door may (or may not) have been forced. The suspect(s) took an X-box and video games in this case.

Just before 3:00 am on Thursday the 25th officers responded to a vehicle burglary in progress near 100th & Quivira. It was reported the homeowner heard a “thumping” sound outside his home and confronted a subject who was standing next to his truck that was parked in the driveway. Multiple officers responded and set up a perimeter in an effort to locate the subject. Before they located the suspect one of the officers on the perimeter stopped a vehicle that was coming out of the area. He identified the driver and immediately smelled marijuana. The officer arrested a 22 year-old Leawood man who was found not to be involved in the original crime. Other officers found the original suspect, a 22 year-old Lenexa man, nearby and arrested him for Disorderly Conduct when the homeowner told them he was concerned for his safety during the initial confrontation.

All of the other vehicle burglaries reported this week involved unlocked vehicles. Cases occurred near 84th & Widmer, the 3 & 2 ball fields, 78th & Quivira, 88th & Gallery, and several cases in Country Hill near 91st & Acuff. Some of the items stolen included baseball equipment, checks, GPS units, and CDs.


Laptop computers were a sought after item this week with several being reported stolen. Two of the cases officers are investigating took place in Quivira Place on 78th Terr (likely taken by a newly met acquaintance) and from 110th & Strang Line (from a business possibly while it was being shipped).

Fraud and bad check cases are always numerous and a real problem and there is no doubt we all pay for this criminal activity through higher prices for everything we buy. This week officers took several unauthorized debit card reports where our victims still had possession of their cards. (It is very important that you scrutinize your statements as soon as you receive them and immediately report any discrepancies). In a narcotics related fraud case, officers began investigating a “pill shopper” at an 87th St doctor’s office where the “patient” has used several different names to pull her scam. It worked for a little while but not any more, the 29 year-old Leawood woman has been identified and charges are pending.

One unusual response patrol officers had this week to a fraud check call was to an 87th St business on a “robbery alarm”. When officers arrived they found three suspects had tried to pass a fraud check that bore a striking resemblance to a check the suspects had successfully passed the day before. The store owner had discovered the first check was not any good and when the suspects returned the next day she set off the alarm. The suspects left before officers arrived. The store owner was gently told this was not a proper use of her alarm system and that she should just call 9-1-1 instead.

We all know it only takes a second to commit a theft and we had another case where that is exactly what happened. As a young lady was getting out of her car in Charter House near 97th & Monrovia she dropped her iPod in the parking lot. As soon as she got inside she realized what happened and immediately returned only to find that the iPod had already been stolen. A witness told her a young Hispanic male had seen her drop it and immediately went over and stole it. Officers were not able to find the suspect.


Every week officers investigate damage to property cases that we find are both targeted and random cases. One of the “targeted” cases this week took place near 103rd & Pflumm where someone poured brake fluid on a car seriously damaging the paint. The victim suspects a former employee of hers who she terminated a few weeks earlier. The most unusual targeted damage case took place in Four Colonies where one resident cut his neighbor’s television cable (again). We don’t know what his motive is since he refuses to cooperate with investigators. A Notice to Appear was mailed to the 38 year-old Lenexa man.

The random cases for the week were the typical summer fare of mailbox bashing. Several cases took place in the Oak Park and Century Estates areas around 100th & Monrovia and 102nd & Century, while others were in the neighborhoods near 78th & Westgate.


We have lately seen numerous phishing attacks claiming to be from Bank of America, Chase Bank and Microsoft. Please be aware that none of these companies, or any reputable company for that matter, will send you an email with an install link embedded in it. The whole attack is based on what is called “Social Engineering”. The bad guys will attempt to entice you into doing something that at first glance appears to be good, or attempts to scare you to do it, but when looked at closer doesn’t really make any sense.

Also from our colleagues at the FBI, is another scam through social networking sites that victimizes families of deployed military personnel. We all know that significant personal data is available through these sites and this scam involves individuals using these sites to contact relatives of deployed U.S. military personnel, most specifically grandparents. The impostor advises the grandparents that their service member is returning home on leave from Iraq and asks the grandparents to keep his presence secret so he can surprise his parents. A short time later, the grandparents are again contacted and the impostor advises them that he and a friend are stranded with a broken down car. He then asks the grandparents to wire a significant amount of money to cover the cost of the repairs. As always, caution is advised regarding the posting and protection of personal information on public websites. It is recommended that family members of U.S. Military visit social networking sites in which they have accounts to ensure that no exploitable information is available. Additionally, it is recommended that all relatives should verify the identity of anyone who contacts them by asking specific questions known only to that person if you must wire funds or develop a code word or phrase to verify identity.

The Police Department asks that anytime you see suspicious activity to please call 9-1-1.

For more information: Lenexa Crime Prevention Office – 913-477-7245 www.Lenexapd.org

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