Kansans for Life: Call Pat Roberts, Stop Abortion Mandates in Obama Health Care Reform

From KFL:

The Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders are pushing for fast votes on massive “health care reform” bills that contain sweeping mandates to expand access to abortion on demand, and federal funding of abortion.

Committees in the Senate and the House are already working on bills that would result in:

  • mandatory insurance coverage of abortion on demand
  • expansions in the number of abortion providers
  • federal subsidies for abortion

Both the full House and full Senate could vote on these massive bills as soon as late July.

Of special note to Kansans is the fact that one of our U.S. Senators, Pat Roberts, sits on BOTH of the Senate committees that are crafting the “health care reform” bills–the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the Finance Committee.

Senator Roberts is in a unique position to help stop any abortion mandates in proposed “health care reform” legislation at the committee level and he needs to hear from you!

Please contact Senator Roberts, as well as U.S. Senator Sam Brownback and your U.S. Representative immediately and urge them to oppose any federal “health care reform” legislation that does not explicitly exclude abortion.

Thank you.

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