The Star: Taxpayer funding pays for KDOT poll, with results finding that the public wants more tax money going to fix roads


Nearly 40 percent said they were unhappy with mass transit service between cities while 36 percent said they were dissatisfied with transit service within individual cities.

But the study sent somewhat of a contradictory message.

While residents seemed upset about the lack of a good mass transit system, their solutions for easing travel seemed to focus on roads.

About 58 percent of those interviewed listed road-building solutions as their top way for improving our ability to get around.

Only 23 percent listed bus and rail service as their top choice for improving mobility.

Coincidentally, 96 percent of those interviewed traveled to work by car, truck or sport utility vehicle.

The poll was done by the ETC Institute of Olathe. It was conducted on behalf of the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Mid-America Regional Council and transportation planners in Lawrence and Douglas County.

The survey is part of a study of transportation needs in Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Miami and Douglas counties in advance of the Legislature starting work on a new transportation plan.

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