Hodge at Race42012: AP-Yahoo biased on labeling Gov. Mark Sanford as “defiant”


At this point, as a non-citizen of South Carolina, I think it’s my role to be uninvolved: I’m going to let, first, his family and religious leaders; and, second, the voters of South Carolina, to decide what the next few weeks and months look like for Sanford.

All that said, I have little problem involving myself in the situation when the now-dead mainstream media goes out of its way to attempt to inflict further damage to Governor Sanford, or to use this event to attempt to harm the conservative movement.

For an example, here’s an AP story from last night at 7:21 p.m. Eastern:  “Defiant SC gov considered resigning, but won’t.”

To be fair, I do not know who made the editorial decision regarding the title of this headline (whether it was the AP, or by Yahoo News, which operates the source of the preceding link).

From what I’ve understood about the last few days, I do not find that the word “defiant” applies to Gov. Sanford.  While I did find his chosen (and number of) words at his first press conference to be a bit odd – he appeared to almost be, unintentionally, referring to his affair as an accomplishment, in a college-esque sort of way – his public statements made there were most certainly not overly-scripted, and I found them to be genuine.  My understanding is that, soon after, he held a meeting with his cabinet in a public setting.

Again, I don’t feel that the word “defiant” is a fair term to apply to him.

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