Kaw and Border comes out against Annabeth Surbaugh-organized Johnson County deer hunt

Kaw and Border:

First of all, we disagree that this is the wisest decision fiscally. Assuming for a second that there is indeed a huge deer problem at the park, and that hunting them down is the only option, is spending a bunch of money to train sharpshooters the best option, when the park could have charged trained/licensed hunters say, $100 a person, and actually made money? It seems that the parks board tried to split the baby between those who wanted a hunt and were crying the loudest for it and those who were concerned about safety, and now have a “solution” that really doesn’t make much sense.

Second of all, is this really that big of problem to require such a drastic solution as a hunt in a public suburban park, previously thought to be free from hunting — a “solution” which has – -and will continue to — raise the emotions of thousands of Johnson Countians who are opposed to it because of the very real and understandable principle that hunting should not occur in a suburban park meant for recreation? Is there truly a public outcry for this, or are we making a decision based on a few loud complaints who are demanding a hunt? Is someone who chose to buy a home next to a large public park — which has always had deer and will still have deer even after this hunt — seriously credible when they are complaining about deer in their backyard? We’ve heard of NIMBYs, but that is taking it to the extreme.

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