Kansas Liberty on Kansas Senate 2010: Thune comes out for Moran. Tiahrt wins important endorsements from Kansans for Life and the Family Research Council.


The primary campaign for the GOP nomination to fill Sam Brownback’s Senate seat heated up considerably Thursday when congressmen Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt each picked up a key endorsement today.

The Kansans for Life Federal Political Action Committee announced its endorsement of Tiahrt, while South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune, who was today named the chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, announced his endorsement of Moran.

“Now, when the stakes are so high for our country, Jerry Moran’s principled leadership and conservative voice are needed in the U.S. Senate.” Thune said in a statement. “Jerry will bring a much-needed vote of common sense for fiscal responsibility, fighting terrorism and deciding the future of our judiciary.”

Kansans for Life cited Tiahrt’s 100 percent pro-life voting record during his time as both a congressman and a state senator, and his “depth of knowledge” on life issues as reasons for their endorsement.

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