CQ Politics: Incumbent GOP Senator Richard Burr Still an Unknown to Many N.C. Voters


The poll found that 39 percent of registered voters have a favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of Burr’s job performance, while 31 percent have a somewhat unfavorable or unfavorable opinion and 30 percent had no opinion. The findings generally reflect those of a survey by Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling that Burr has challenged.

Public Policy Polling also has found Burr with low popularity ratings in North Carolina and a similar percent of voters with no opinion of Burr – it’s latest poll registered the Republican’s approval rating at 35 percent with 31 percent undecided.

PPP has been in a feud with Burr over the poll numbers and their reliability, given the firm’s Democratic allegiance. Insider Advantage, however, is a non-partisan subscription-based government news service, headed up by Matt Towery, a former Republican legislator in Georgia and one-time campaign chairman for former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich.

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