Nonsense out of David Obey: IMF would have stopped Hitler


To paraphrase a wise friend: When dolloping out the metaphors nothing is “like” the Holocaust and no one is “like” Hitler.

Apparently House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wisc.) didn’t get that memo on Tuesday afternoon as he implored the GOP to drop their objections to $5 billion in funding for the International Monetary Fund.

He suggested that such a move will plunge the world back into a WWII cycle of economic catastrophe and genocide.

“[T]o say that our contribution to the IMF has not benefited us is to be ignorant of history and to be ignorant of how the world economy works,” he said, warming up.

“The fact is that we created the IMF after World War II. Why? Because we saw what led up to World War II. We saw the world’s financial system collapse in the 1930′s as a result, in Germany, Hitler came to power and 50 million people died. We’d kind of like to avoid that this time, and so we’re trying to do is to provide the President with all the troops he needs internationally to defend our economic stability and to stabilize the economy of our trading partners because our economy does not function, and we do not create sufficient jobs in this economy, unless we help create economic conditions in other countries so they can buy our goods. That’s why we do it. It’s called enlightened self-interest.”

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