KC Star: University notes: KU recognizes outstanding English students; also Math, History, Engineering


ENGLISH AWARDS: The English Department recognized about 70 students for outstanding work with more than $26,000 in awards and scholarships. The recipients: Rachel Kathryn Gray, Olathe Easth High School, American Studies, BA, senior, Helen Rhoda Hoopes Scholarship Award; Alexis Renee Smith, Olathe North, English, BA, junior, Victor Contoski Creative Writing Award – Poetry, second place; Nathan C. Barbarick, Olathe East, Creative Writing, MFA, graduate, James E. Gunn Award for Science Fiction Writing; Melissa Joan Lytton, Blue Valley West, English, BA, senior, Scholarship in Science Fiction; and Park Zachary Josef Abramovitz, Olathe East, English, BA, senior, Senior Award.

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