Star: KU versus The Helms Foundation


it’s my opinion that anyone today is probably more able to get information and make better judgments about who should have been #1 in 1919 (for example) than the Helms Foundation in 1939. I suspect they had nothing more than some memories and possibly old newspapers. Even the fact that I say “they” is in question. Anyway, in this post I’m going to take a cursory look at the five seasons where KU had one loss, but did not win the Helms mythical national championship. I’m saving 1922 and 1923 – the two seasons Kansas did win the NC for a later discussion after I do more research.

Also, let me say that my goal is to do more work on these five seasons – as well as all the seasons before the tournaments began. I’m not sure what process that will take, but I’m very unsatisfied with what I have been able to learn thus far. Still, the information can make for some interesting discussion.

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