Hodge provides thoughts on Bottom Line Comm’s recent critism of Funkhouser coverage by Kansas City Star

Hodge at Race42012.com:

Bottom Line Communications is a company in Kansas City whose specialty includes covering those who cover news.  I have only recently become familiar with the group, but Bottom Line is respected by those on the left and the right for being fair and going out of its way to be non-political.  Its “no dog in the fight” reputation is why the following statement regarding The Kansas City Star’streatement of KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser is so noteworthy:

No objective observer could say the majority of its coverage of the Funkhouser administration has represented honest and objective journalism. From Day One virtually every move he has made has been criticized.

In fact, at times it seems as if the main goal of the McClatchy-owned paper has been to undermine everything Funkhouser has attempted to accomplish. A few months ago the Star actually went so far to take the unprecedented action to rescind its original endorsement of him.

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