Debra J. Saunders on recent Holocaust musem, Tiller, military murders: “I reject the idea that James W. von Brunn” is right-wing; “The KKK is not welcome at any conservative event I’ve ever attended”


The Tiller assassination garnered three stories, an editorial and a column (mine) over the following two days, and a week later a front-page story, whereas The Chronicle ran two national briefs about the military-recruiter attack, on Page A5 one day, and Page A6 the next. Other media underplayed the domestic terrorist attack as well.

For me, the reason is pretty obvious: Stories that reinforce journalists’ political beliefs rate the front page or top of their newscasts; stories that do not are not considered big news. Chronicle Managing Editor Steve Proctor told me he disagrees: “People do not make decisions like that based on their political beliefs.”

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