Opinion: Nick Jordan still part of the problem for the Republican Party

Retired Kansas State Senator and former GOP Third District Congressional nominee Nick Jordan released the following statement on Thursday of last week.  Thursday was the day Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Overland Park to attempt to justify the unjustifiable — that the wasteful and damaging “stimulus” is a good thing.

In the statement, Jordan sounds like the GOP of post-2004: voicing support for “economic conservativism” while simultaneously supporting liberal spending programs.  It’s likely that Jordan also is trying to play it safe with Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach, whose record is that of an economic and social liberal, but who is popular within the country clubs of Johnson County Republican liberals.  Gerlach is exactly the type of mayor targeted by Obama:  Gerlach will happily take Obama’s earmarked federal money for what he and Nick Jordan inappropriately consider “needed projects,” provided that the mayor gets a few headlines for it.  Gerlach willingly allows himself to be used by Obama and the left.

Nick Jordan is a very nice man, but if he wants to have a future within the Republican party, he needs to get off the fence and pick sides in the war of Socialism:  either he will choose the path to American (and electoral) success that involves major spending and tax reform; or he will choose the center-left path that leads to the long-term failure of the nation and GOP irrelevance.

Below is Jordan’s statement:


Contact: Nick Jordan 913-908-5677

Today the administration’s road show passed through Overland Park with the Vice President appearing at a ribbon-cutting to announce the use of stimulus funds to widen 69 highway. Overland Park has worked hard to plan and begin this project, a needed project along with others in the area.

However this announcement/photo op is like a small pebble being thrown in a lake. There is a small ripple effect, but is soon forgotten in the larger scheme of things.   There have been many unrealistic promises made regarding stimulus spending. First very little of the $787 billion of the administration’s plan has been paid out, only 6%. Interesting enough, according to a recent Rasmussen poll 45% of Americans say it should be canceled and only 36% disagree.   Promises have been made as to jobs “created or saved”.  Starting at 3.5 million, then 150,000 and now 600,000. The truth is that 1.5 million jobs have been lost since the stimulus package was passed and we are at the highest unemployment since the 1960′S. Even the Administration’s own Keith Hall, Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics states, “(15,000 stimulus created jobs) would be a very difficult thing to substantiate.   In the larger scheme of things the economic policy of this Administration is running up the largest debt in American history, a debt that is unsustainable. America’s deficit is projected to be $1.8 trillion this year, four times greater than last year, and as much as $10 to $11 trillion over the next ten years. And with this we continue our spending spree including a possible government run health care system costing as much as $1 trillion more.   This Administration’s rhetoric and show is like going to the movies to see a romance, but finding out it is a tragedy.

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