Kaw and Border: ‘Spoiled brat’ Terry Calaway at JCCC is now ‘out of control’; College board member Ben Hodge is the ‘only Trustee doing his job’

Kaw and Border:

The e-mail from Calaway is ridiculous but fits a pattern. Rather than addressing the issues -at hand – whether they be the open meetings violations or this issue of promoting someone who tried to squelch first amendment rights — and dealing with the manner like civilized adults, Calaway and Ferguson — and now through them, other college employees — are now responding like spoiled brats who have essentially been handled absolute authority over a revered public institution that many consider the crown jewel of Johnson County, and recoil in child-like faux anger when someone dare question their ways.

So, in summary, what we have here is a case of the JCCC President being out of control.

First of all, he promotes someone to a Dean position who has previously reprimanded a faculty member for expressing first amendment rights (a decision which was reversed) and then refused to discuss the issue with Hodge when he aired the concern after learning of her elevation of employment.

Second of all, rather than meeting with Hodge privately to discuss his concerns and prevent the issue from going any further, Calawayresorted to more threats and intimidation by saying Hodge is using threats and intimidation

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