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Hodge at, on JCCC President Terry Calaway: “exactly the type of person whom our founders had in mind as they drafted the First Amendment. He is a coward and a bully, unwilling and unable to justify his actions with words”

Friday, June 12th, 2009

At, JCCC Trustee Benjamin Hodge writes about one more failing of JCCC President Terry Calaway, this time in support of punishing employees who make remarks that are critical of Islamic countries:

John’s detractors said John was being anti-Muslim; they said had stated verbally that he “hated Muslims.”  John denies saying that, and, with regard to credibility, emphasizes the question, Why did these other employees wait a full two years to complain, if they were so concerned?  Of course, it should be noted that, with respect to the First Amendment rights of government employees (in particular, professors), it’s not all that relevant what John exactly said.

Without much investigation, asst. dean Betty Furtwengler took the side of John’s detractors, and she placed a permanent note in John’s file, reprimanding him for what was alleged. (more…)