WSJ: Ibanez Takes a Swing at Steroids Speculation


“Because of what happened during the Steroid Era, there exists a massive mistrust of anyone who achieves quick success in the game of baseball.”

Ibanez himself acknowledged this, in a calmer moment. “Unfortunately, I understand the environment we’re in and the events that have led us to this era of speculation,” he said. “At the same time, you can’t just walk down the street and accuse somebody of being a thief because they didn’t have a nice car yesterday and they do today. You can’t say that guy is a thief.”

The Kansas City Star’s Joe Posnanski, a prolific blogger in his own right, makes two points. The first is that an extended tear such as the one Ibanez is currently riding is very much in character for the super-streaky slugger. His other point is that this should never have happened. “I really think it was a well-intentioned piece meant to make the larger point that so many of us have made – in this day and age, it’s hard to know what’s real,” Posnanski writes. “When the blog was Twittered and linked and finally written about, the shades of gray that I think are in the longer piece were gone. Suddenly, it was all about some guy – some BLOGGER guy – charging Ibanez with a steroid crime. Suddenly it was about a few buzzwords and a couple of juicy quotes and 140 characters. Well… another sign of the times.”

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