KS Liberty: Roeder won’t face death penalty in Tiller murder

Kansas Liberty:

Scott Roeder, who was formally charged yesterday in the murder of Wichita abortionist George Tiller, will not be facing the death penalty if convicted.

Instead, Roeder, 51, could face a life sentence, which could allow him to be eligible for parole around his 76th birthday.

At yesterday’s court appearance, Roeder requested an attorney be appointed for him.

Roeder was charged with first-degree murder, which is used when the prosecution believes the murder occurred intentionally and was premeditated. Roeder was also charged with two counts of assault, as he allegedly threatened two individuals who tried to stop him as he left the scene of the crime – a Wichita church where Tiller was a member.

According to the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines found on the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s web site, a person’s prior record as well as the severity of the crime are the two factors used to decide what an appropriate sentence would be.

It appears Roeder had been convicted of a crime before, in 1996, when he was 38 years old. A man named Scott Roeder was stopped for not having a license plate and the traffic stop lead to a law enforcement officer discovering bomb-making material in the trunk of the car. Roeder was charged with criminal use of explosives.

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