Hodge at Red County: “Ethical troubles continue for JCCC leaders Shirley Brown-VanArsdale, Terry Calaway”

At RedCounty.com/Johnson, Benjamin Hodge writes:

In 2006, at the direction of the former president, Ferguson engaged in openly hostile behavior toward employee Miguel Morales, who had uncovered the multiple accusations of sexual harrassment by female employees toward the former president.  And in 2009, at the direction of President Calaway, Ferguson made JCCC a national embarrassment by engaging in the ridiculous behavior of sending me a “cease and desist” letter that was intended to threaten me from making further fact-based criticisms of the board and President Calaway.

Since then, Ferguson has refused to answer simple, additional questions about recent events, such as EXACTLY who (and how many) instructed him to send that absurd letter to me.  Ferguson is refusing to perform his role to one of his clients (me); as such, he is willfully neglecting to do his job.

Ferguson’s actions have disqualified him from being trusted to work for the citizens of Johnson County, and he should not be re-hired by Johnson County Community College.  The question, of course, is, will JCCC re-hire him, anyway?

Friday (today), at 3 p.m., a committee unilaterally formed by Chair VanArsdale (without any clear authority given to her, such as a vote by the board), met to discuss the small number of area law firms that applied to work for JCCC’s board.  Because there were only five firms who applied, and because the attorney represents the elected board members of JCCC, and not the president or any employee of the college, it was irresponsible for VanArsdale to form this employee-dominated committee without a vote of the board.

The members of the committee:

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