Candidate, former Brownback Chief of Staff Rob Wasinger working to stay in front of a national conservative audience

Yesterday, First District Congressional Candidate Rob Wasinger appeared for the second time on the The Ed Morrissey Show.  An archive of Thursday’s program can be found here; Wasinger appeared during the first half-hour.

On May 29, Wasinger authored a guest post at the very popular Powerline blog.  In part:

Power Line readers have already had a preview of Sonia Sotomayor and know more than a few reasons why she is wrong for the Supreme Court.

President Obama must be confident that he has the votes in Congress to get Sotomayor confirmed. If the Democrats didn’t have such a commanding majority in the Senate, it’s hard to imagine that Obama would pick someone who is so brazenly at odds with mainstream legal thought that the Court has yet to affirm her reasoning on any of her decisions that have been appealed.

When the Justices unanimously reject your reasoning, saying that your approach “flies in the face of the statutory language,” after rejecting one of your previous decisions 8-0, you might not have the chops to run with them.

It remains to be seen who among the Democrats has the judgment and courage to stand against a President of their own party and reject his nominee.

It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans in Congress recognized that Harriet Miers was wrong for the Supreme Court, took a stand on principle and forced her withdrawal as his nominee. It wasn’t easy for those who broke from the party line, but in the end they did the right thing.

I would know. I led the fight behind the scenes against her nomination.

Fortunately, in late 2005 there were still enough Republicans who were convinced to put principle first that we could apply the pressure to defeat the nomination.

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