Adam Schaeffer remembers Rich Nadler: “Rich knew you don’t win people over by saying nothing”


Rich Nadler gave a lot and had much more to give to conservative and libertarian causes. As the formulation goes, I didn’t agree with everything Rich said, but . . . no kidding . . . how often do people agree on everything? Rich was intense, intelligent, and totally incomparable.

Rich wore many hats and did many things, but I met him through his aggressive conservative outreach to minorities. He knew that we can hardly expect black or Hispanic voters to be persuaded or shift their votes if they almost never hear a conservative argument. So he wrote, produced, and aired ads that went straight to black and Hispanic audiences with undiluted conservative messages on school choice, taxes, regulation and abortion. No handwringing or apologies or softened messages. Rich knew you don’t win people over by saying nothing.

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