Hodge at Race42012: It’s one thing for the Left to support abortion rights, but don’t pretend Tiller provided “safe and legal” abortions

Benjamin Hodge:

If the left is to be consistent – and we should require that they remain consistent – the left should not be championing unsafe and illegal abortions.  While we should agree with the left that any murder is unfortunate and wrong, we should not allow facts to be manufactured.

I’ll assume most of Tiller’s abortions were “safe” and “legal,” but strong evidence suggests Tiller also performed unsafe and illegal abortions.  Tiller’s office was one of the few “places to go” for women around the world who could not find a regional physician to perform.  It is a legitimate question to ask:  why is it so difficult to find a doctor to perform these abortions; why was Tiller an exception within the world-wide medical community?

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