Kraske on recent Funk’s Front Porch: Gloria insists NY Times story on Funk is “a good thing”

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This week’s Funk’s Front Porch:

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This Week’s City Business

The Mayor will deliver his State of the City speech this Thursday in the Legislative Chamber on the 26th floor of City Hall at 1 p.m. He has worked long and hard on putting together a speech that is an unvarnished version of the state of Kansas City.

He put in many preparatory hours at “Camp Funk” a few months ago and has been putting the finishing touches on it over the past couple of weekends as well. You can watch him deliver it live on Channel Two, or if your schedule permits we’d love to have you attend in person and stay for the reception afterward.

The New York Times sent a reporter to do a profile piece on the Mayor this week. Of course the recall effort by the Mayor’s opponents was the trigger that motivated her, but the Mayor knows that any light that brings Kansas City to the forefront nationwide is, all things considered, a good thing for Kansas City. You can read the story at the following link,

The Mayor testified a few weeks ago at Finance and Audit on behalf of the low income and homeless children that are served at Operation Breakthrough. He is happy to report that an ordinance was passed last Thursday that restores funding to this much needed program.

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