Hodge at Race42012: The first Democratic ad against a Republican nominee Charlie Crist

Benjamin Hodge at Race42012.com:

Remember how a good number of Americans were/are convinced that Barack Obama would be a more fiscally-responsible president, and a lower-taxing president, than John McCain?

If Democrats appear to the right of Republicans on basic GOP issues (national defense, taxes, the courts), Republicans don’t have a chance.  And you can bet that Gov. Charlie Crist just peeled off at least 2-3% from his margin of victory in a general election, by doing two things for which he will be attacked by the Democratic Party:  raising taxes and going against his no-new-tax pledge.

If there are details or intracacies here that I’m missing, please let me know.  From what I understand at this moment, this is not a difficult situation that Crist is in, with regard to whether or not he should sign or veto the tax increase.  This was not good policy, nor was it a good political move; if Crist is expecting Democrats to reward him for his pragmatism, then he will be disappointed.

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