Today’s statement of candidacy by UMKC law professor, former Justice Department attorney Kris Kobach

Today from Kobach’s campaign for Kansas Secretary of State:

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Kobach Vows to Put His Law Enforcement Experience, Knowledge of Election Law, and Enthusiasm to Work for Kansans

May 26, 2009, Topeka, KS –  Election fraud has been making news in recent balloting across the country, and while the office usually takes a low profile during statewide elections, the Kansas Secretary of State seat will be a hot commodity on the 2010 ballot.  So says Kris Kobach, who is officially announcing his candidacy for the job in eight Kansas cities on May 26-28.

Kobach, a professor of constitutional and election law at the UMKC School of Law, says the 2010 choice of Kansas Secretary of State will have unprecedented consequences.

According to Kobach, Voter fraud is a very real problem in Kansas.

“Election crimes have been documented across the state,” says Kobach, “from fraudulent registrations, to vote-by-mail fraud.  As the activities of ACORN have demonstrated, organizations that promote voter fraud have burrowed into every corner of our country.  In Kansas, the illegal registration of alien voters has become pervasive.”

Experience will be crucial for Kansas’s next Secretary of State.  As former Counsel to the U.S. Attorney General, Kobach points to his law enforcement background to combat criminal election activity.  As a law professor who teaches in the field, Kobach sees legal loopholes-loopholes that he says must be closed.

“We must enact a statute requiring photo ID to vote,” Kobach says.  “But that is only the first step.  Our voter rolls must be purged of thousands of deceased individuals, illegally-registered aliens, and felons.  And regulations must be promulgated to ensure honest elections and recounts.”

“In addition, the manipulation of election contests by unscrupulous attorneys has resulted in the stealing of close elections,” Kobach says.  “The pseudo-election of Al Franken is a case in point.  The Secretary of State stands as the most important protector of the integrity of elections

In addition, Kobach supports guaranteed voter access and improved civics education programs.

Kris Kobach, 43, is a Harvard graduate who earned his doctorate degree from Oxford University and a law degree from Yale.  From 2001-2003 he served as Counsel and White House Fellow to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.  In that capacity, he was the Attorney General’s chief adviser on immigration law and border.  From 2007-2009 he served as the chairman of the Kansas Republican Party.  Kobach is also a regular guest on The O’Reilly Factor (FOX News) and Lou Dobbs Tonight (over 60 times), where he offers his analysis of immigration policy and constitutional issues.

A life-long Kansan, and a graduate of Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kris and his wife, Heather, live with their two daughters in Piper, Kansas.

Kobach will be kicking off his campaigns with rallies at the following locations and times.

Tuesday, May 26:

12:30 PM:  Johnson County Courthouse, Olathe

5:30 PM:  Roundabout Cafe (21st and Urish), Topeka

7:30 PM:  Riley County Courthouse, Manhattan

Wednesday, May 27:

12:00 PM:  Lyon County Courthouse, Emporia

5:30 PM:  Farmers Market, Old Town, Wichita

Thursday, May 28:

12:00 PM:  Western Sizzlin’ Steakhouse, Salina

5:30 PM:  Finney County Courthouse, Garden City

7:30 PM:  Community Center, Lakin


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