Blog ‘McClatchy Watch’ covers the accidental publishing by Sacramento Bee of voter-bashing editorial: ‘voters now have a clue what the Bee really thinks about them’, ‘the Google cache of the initial editorial was intentionally disabled’

McClatchy Watch:

But the Bee later pulled the anti-voter commentary down and replaced it with an anti-politician editorial, along with an explanation that the initial commentary was published by mistake. A note from editorial page editor David Holwerk said the first item was a draft for internal discussion among board members.

“Such discussions are a routine part of our work, and frequently lead to editorials that are considerably different from writers’ first drafts.That’s what happened in this case. After discussion, we decided that our initial editorial about the special election should take a different tack. The result was the editorial that now appears on this page. This editorial is the only editorial about the special election that appeared in Wednesday’s editions of The Bee.”

You can read the second commentary here. (It’s actually pretty good.) But given the major faux pas in posting the anti-voter commentary, readers will wonder if the Bee is really on their side.

FYI, Doug Ross notes the Google cache of the initial editorial was intentionally disabled at the paper.

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