New Hampshire ‘tolerant’ legislators apparently attempt to force churches to perform same-sex marriages; Dem. Gov. Lynch promises to veto unless religious freedom provision is included

Unless this was some kind of ploy, the following appears to be the case, as reported by NRO:

Same-sex marriage hit a snag today in the Granite State, losing in a 188-186 vote in the state House. Not because legislators object to same-sex marriages, but because they apparently object to some priest having the freedom not to perform them:

The legislature had been asked to approve language that would give legal protections, including the right to decline to marry same-sex couples, to clergy and others affiliated with religious organizations. That wording was added by Governor John Lynch, a Democrat who promised to sign the bill if those changes were made…State Representative Steve Vaillancourt, a gay Republican from Manchester, was a leading voice against the amendment securing religious liberties, saying that the House should not be “bullied” by the governor.

Gov. Lynch has promised a veto unless his language is adopted.

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