Former ACORN board member says ACORN will commit fraud in 2010 Census

Gregory Hall in the Examiner:

The plight of ACORN’s full-time staff is hardly better. Most complain of the group’s “crony” management system. And many say they’ve been coerced into lying to ACORN’s low- and moderate-income membership about how their “dues” will be spent.

Meanwhile, most people unfamiliar with ACORN don’t understand how the headline-grabbing fraud keeps happening. Perhaps the least-understood problem is the unofficial “quota” system that ACORN uses for its political canvassers. By encouraging (or, for all intents and purposes, requiring) its foot soldiers to reach a numerical goal for each day, it provides an incentive for corruption during tough times.

In all, the corrupt management of ACORN allegedly forced its part- and full-time employees to stretch or break laws just to meet registration quotas to keep their jobs. That’s because ACORN gets paid by its sponsors and pressures employees to deliver unreasonable goals.

There is no reason to believe the problems of staff mistreatment or systematic fraud will be any different if and when the federal government asks ACORN to take its show on the road to households across the country.   That’s one reason why former ACORN board member Marcel Reid has publicly called for the government to withhold future taxpayer money to the group until a full investigation can be held into the corrupt executive leadership that has led this promising community organization astray.

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