Recent Hodge column on NRSC’s involvement in Rubio-Crist: Strongly assuming Crist will be a fiscal conservative or defend the role of courts is a ‘faith-based argument’

Hodge at Red County:  “On Florida’s Charlie Crist vs. Marco Rubio, and the NRSC’s poor decision to immediately back Crist”

Bottom line:  the current GOP establishment mindset – apparently reliant entirely upon on “luck” with regard to the theme of “oh, things will turn back around” – this mindset is not tolerated by a significant portion of the GOP base.  More importantly, the GOP base doesn’t want a majority, if it merely means a repeat of Hastert/McConnell leadership on government spending – they’re nice men and effective leaders, but they do not possess the willingness and/or ability to reign in government spending.

We don’t need fewer of the Club for Growths or the Erick Ericksons.  We need more.  I find it unfortunate that many GOP establishment-types find their views to be “controversial.”

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