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Prairie Village councilwoman Ruth Hopkins given award by local socialist organization

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

The area League of Women Voters, which opposes tax reform, school choice, and effectively opposes democracy by opposing a Constitution-based republic, gave PV Councilwoman Ruth Hopkins the LWV “Make Democracy Work” award, according to The Kansas City Star.

The Star reports that Hopkins is a current leader with the National League of Cities, an anti-capitalist organization that opposes private property.

But Hopkins’ public service has not been confined to Prairie Village. Since 1994, she has served continuously in various committee positions for the National League of Cities. That work was crowned in 2004, when Hopkins won a two-year term on the League of Cities’ board of directors. She now serves on the body’s advisory council.

At the county level, Hopkins has become an expert on the issue of solid waste disposal. She currently serves on the Mid America Regional Council’s Solid Waste Committee, and chairs the Johnson County Solid Waste Committee.

Hopkins said she was “phenomenally honored” to be recognized by the Johnson County League of Women Voters.

“A goal of mine is to get more women involved in politics,” she said. “I think women are still such a minority. I love going to talk to groups like the Girl Scouts. It’s great to get them started early, to let them know there are opportunities available, and it’s so important to get involved.”

One of her great pleasures as a public servant, Hopkins said, is to see how effective the democratic process can be in real peoples’ lives..

“People call me, they’re so frustrated, and with a call to the public works director, I can take care of it,” she said. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that democracy works best at the local level. It gets so much more politicized and complicated as you move up.”

Jim Sullinger covers lack of action on deer by Surbaugh, Eilert, Johnson County Commission

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

KC Star:

Connie Kesselring looked out her back window recently and saw 13 deer grazing in her backyard.

They’ve destroyed plants and shrubbery and are even eating her evergreens.

“There’s deer poop all over the yard and, of course, the dog wants to eat that,” she said.

Kesselring moved six years ago to a Lenexa home that is next to Shawnee Mission Park.

She was among 40 people who spoke Wednesday at a public hearing on the deer overpopulation at the park. The hearing, held at the Shawnee Civic Centre and attended by more than 100, was conducted by the Johnson County Park and Recreation Board.

Matt Lewis: GOP’s Crist Endorsements Anger Conservatives

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Politics Daily:

There has long been tension between Republican leaders and movement conservatives, but efforts to elect Republicans in 2010 are doing nothing to bring the sides together.

When Senator Arlen Specter switched parties, several prominent Republican leaders immediately urged Governor Tom Ridge, a Republican moderate, to run. It seems they weren’t content to support the more conservative former Congressman Pat Toomey — who was already in the race.