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Hodge at Race42012: Republicans must bring back to the table a federal balanced budget amendment or other Congressional super-majority spending limitations

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Hodge’s first article at Race42012:  “Giving the Temporary Majority Unlimited Authority to Increase Taxes and Debt Has Failed.”

To jump forward to today:  if the Republican Congress of the mid-1990s had merely passed a Constitutional amendment requiring a super-majority of Congress in order to increase the national debt, the Obama-Specter stimulus bill would not have passed, at least without first forcing Congress to increase taxes.

If one half of a marriage repeatedly spends money without permission, the marriage will not be a success.  And when one gives a limitless credit card to a 15-year-old, it should be no surprise when the privilege is abused.

Long-term, America will fail if 52% of the citizens continue to wildly spend the money owned by the other 48%, and if the cost of federal programs can continue to casually be passed down to future generations.  Rather than merely focusing on the individual programs to which we object, I find it more effective to focus on the total size of the purse.

When given a Constitutionally-instructed limit, Congress will be forced to prioritize, and we will begin to see permanent, meaningful reform with regard to the size and scope of the federal government.

Ben Hodge now contributing to leading national GOP blog,

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Kavon (Kay’von) Nikrad of Minnesota operates a site formerly known as — now – and Nikrad Monday invited Benjamin Hodge to join the front-page writing team at the leading Republican Web site.

Hodge on KCMO 710′s morning show: The good news is we cut the budget 6%, the bad news is JCCC is probably the most openly unethical government in KCMO.

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Johnson County Community College Trustee Benjamin Hodge was interviewed by guest host Jack Cashill on this morning’s Chris Stigall’s KCMO 710 AM Morning Show.  They talked some about the college’s budget, and Hodge said the good news at JCCC is that they’re going to cut the budget by 6%.  Hodge asked listeners to remember JCCC‘s 6% budget cut as they continue to hear other governments complain loudly about much smaller budget cuts, and as they see the federal budget continue to grow.  The JCCC trustee said that the college would not even notice a difference next year as it operates without the dollars being removed from next year’s budget.

But Hodge said the bad news is that JCCC — currently under the leadership of JCCC’s CEO and President Terry Calaway, and Trustee Leaders Shirley Brown-VanArsdale and Lynn Mitchelson – is perhaps the “most openly unethical” government in the Kansas City, MO, metro area.  He explained his use of the term “openly unethical” by saying that officials in most governments attempt to hide their unethical behavior, but “in Johnson County, we give ourselves awards for it.”  They discussed the thousands of dollars that JCCC is spending on legal fees to cover up what Hodge said what should have been considered relatively minor violations of the Kansas Open Meetings Act.  Hodge compared JCCC’s actions surrounding the likely KOMA violations to “getting a speeding ticket, and then abusing government power to attempt to destroy the career of the police officer.”

Cashill and Hodge also discussed the college’s addition of health benefits for the college’s gay employees, and how President calaway and HR committee chairman Mitchelson abused their leadership roles by secretly inserting the benefits without board discussion or even alerting other board members to their actions.  JCCC is the first government body in Kansas to add taxpayer-supported domestic partnership benefits.

The Star: Two women charged with prostitution in Prairie Village

Monday, May 11th, 2009

The Star:

In the land of property crimes, this was anything but a typical bust.

After a couple of months of investigation, Prairie Village police have charged two women with running a prostitution operation from an 830-square-foot ranch-style home on a tree-lined section of Roe Avenue, less than a block from a Lutheran church.

“This is a rarity for us,” said Sgt. Greg Hudson, who said it was only his third prostitution case in 25 years at the Prairie Village Police Department.

Charged with prostitution were Karen Rutherford, 32, and Michelle Segall, 37.

Both women live in the home in the 6700 block of Roe, according to police and court records.

Both have been released from jail and are scheduled to appear in city court May 12.

KC Star: Leawood troop celebrates 300th Eagle Scout

Monday, May 11th, 2009

The Star:

Less than five percent of Boy Scouts go on to become Eagle Scouts.But that didn’t stop more than a dozen scouts from Troop 10 from receiving the honor.

The kids’ hard work and dedication not only earned them a prestigious position, but it set a milestone for the troop, which is sponsored by the Leawood Lions Club.

Their graduation on Sunday marked the 300th Eagle Scout to emerge from Troop 10 since it was chartered in 1975.

“It’s fun to watch these boys grow up and I’m absolutely proud of them because it’s a long trail to Eagle,” said John Ahart, the troop’s assistant scoutmaster. “And we had around 50 alumni show up because they were curious to see how the troop evolved and how big it has gotten.”

Proud parents, awed alumni, and inspired siblings filled the auditorium at Blue Valley Northwest High School last weekend.