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KU increases ratio of staff to students by 114 percent in 10 years: Kansas Liberty

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Kansas Liberty:

The University of Kansas made a Chronicle of Higher Education’s top ten list – but not in a way that most taxpayers would appreciate.

The Chronicle’s list is of “four-year institutions that have expanded the number of administrative and support positions the most relative to enrollment over the past decade.”

Mike Hendricks: Blame Sebelius for Parkinson disappointment

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Mike Hendricks evidently is an Al Gore loyalist and considers the use of fossil fuels to be a “conservative” issue:

After caving on the coal plant issue, Kansas’ new governor, Mark Parkinson, promises even more surprises in the days ahead.

Boy howdy! Can hardly wait to see what’s coming!

Evolution back up for debate? Don’t tell me: Phill Kline is getting a Cabinet post?

Going too far? Suppose you’re right. But if those surprises are anything like Monday’s reversal of the Sebelius administration’s two-year blockade of the Western Kansas power plants, then we’re in for one heckuva sellout.

Principles drastically reduced!

Political backbone, half off!

And here I used to deride Republican Bill Graves as Governor Get-Along for being overly willing to bend to the conservatives in his party.

This Parkinson guy, himself a former moderate Republican, could be even more of a noodle. Within days of taking over for fellow Democrat Kathleen Sebelius, he signals the GOP that he’s only too happy to turn over the governor’s mansion two years ahead of schedule.

“Today, Kansas took a big step backwards,” the Sierra Club said after Parkinson announced that he’d approved one coal plant rather than two.