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Democratic Party official appointed to state ethics panel: Kansas Liberty

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Kansas Liberty:

Although he didn’t seem eager to admit it, the latest appointment to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission is the former executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party

Former Democratic leader Mark Simpson replaced Carol Zimmerman on the commission last week. Zimmerman was also a Democrat. House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, made the appointment.

According to a report by the Kansas Meadowlark, Simpson introduced himself by saying, “I live in Lawrence … I’m an assistant district attorney in Douglas County.  I’ve been there coming up on a year, and before that I worked in politics.  I worked on some campaigns and things like that.”

Study: Federal stimulus handouts likely to hurt private sector — Kansas Liberty

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Kansas Liberty:

According to a study released Monday by a free-market grassroots group, the economic stimulus that’s supposed to come with federal bailout funds is likely to have a damaging effect on the private sector, instead of improving economic conditions.

As many as 22,000 Kansas jobs are to be lost, the study says.

Americans for Prosperity-Kansas released the study by Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics, analyzing the impact of the federal stimulus plan on the states.

Donna Arduin, one of the authors of the study “The Economic Impact of Federal Spending on State Economic Performance” will be in Topeka Wednesday to discuss the findings with legislators.

“Obviously, when government expenses go up, that money is taken from the private sector,” said Derrick Sontag, AFP-Kansas state director. “While that seems to be an obvious concept, many of our elected officials don’t seem to understand how increasing government spending ultimately crowds private sector growth.”

Tough investigating by MSM: Obamas take a walk, holding hands in the evening

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

HT Drudge


WASHINGTON (AP) – The first couple took full advantage of the cool spring night.

After a date night out on Saturday evening, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama decided to take a stroll when their motorcade arrived back at the White House.

So they began walking on the driveway of the White House South Lawn while holding hands. First they passed the West Wing, then their children’s swing set. They kept walking, swinging their hands together.

Home health-care devices help patients stay out of the hospital: Computer World

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


April 30, 2009 (IDG News Service) How it works: Various technologies enable patients to exchange health information with caregivers. Patients use the Intel Health Guide system to video conference with health-care professionals and receive videos about diet and exercise. Patients can also attach a blood pressure cuff or other devices using a Bluetooth wireless link and relay vital signs to a nurse. T+ Medical offers more targeted products, such as a diabetes management program that runs on a cell phone and helps patients track and report blood glucose levels.

More on Power to the Patient: Mount Sinai Puts Medical Records Snapshot on Smart Cards

Beware of Mandatory Arbitration in Card Check: Michael Barone

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Michael Barone:

In his statement explaining his decision to switch from the Republican to the Democratic Party, Sen. Arlen Specter assured his listeners that “my position on Employees Free Choice (card check) will not change.” In later statements, Specter was explicit in opposing both major provisions of the bill — the effective abolition of the secret ballot in unionization elections and mandatory federal arbitration — and said he would not vote for cloture.

Whether or not Specter maintains his current stand, he has spotlighted an interesting issue. The labor unions’ drive for the full card check bill seems to have foundered. Specter enters a Democratic caucus where a half-dozen or more senators have made it clear, publicly or privately, that they will not vote for card check.

His statement gives cover to a Democratic leadership that wants to propitiate its labor union funders but does not want to put so many of its members on the spot. A vote to effectively abolish the secret ballot is not easy to defend come election time.

Chris Simcox wants to dethrone McCain: Politico

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Many Arizona conservatives would like nothing more than to see Sen. John McCain knocked off in a Republican primary.

But few of them think Chris Simcox, the controversial founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps who recently announced he would challenge McCain, is a serious threat to do it.

Despite Simcox’s high-profile leadership on illegal immigration on the state’s southern border – a potent issue in the state’s Republican primary – party insiders say the 48-year-old former grade school teacher carries a heavy load of personal baggage and faces ample skepticism from rank-and-file Republican voters.

“I’m very unhappy with Sen. McCain. He’s pretty much spit in our eye,” said Dennis Durband, a conservative activist and editor of a website called The Arizona Conservative. “But I really don’t think [Simcox] is going to get any serious traction. There’s so much baggage in his past.”

Redstate’s 2010 election update

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Jim Ellis at Redstate:

Senate Update

Colorado: Weld County (Greeley) District Attorney Ken Buck (R) officially announced his candidacy for the Senate seat of appointed incumbent Michael Bennet (D). Buck joins Aurora at-Large City Councilman Ryan Frazier as an official Republican candidate. Former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO-7) is also a potential contender. Polling already shows a close race and this seat is in play for the Republicans.

Florida: It appears that Gov. Charlie Crist (R) will make an official announcement about his 2010 electoral plans next week. It is now better than an even bet that he will run for the Senate. This will set off a wild scramble for the vacated Governor’s post, but Crist will be in a strong position for election to the Senate. Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL-17) and Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio are the leading Democratic candidates, though the latter has not officially announced her candidacy.

Illinois: Sources close to Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL-10) say he is just days away from making a decision about running for the Senate. It is likely an announcement will come next week. On the Democratic side, Christopher Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and the individual responsible for running Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, is also said to be considering the race. Polling shows a close Democratic primary, and Kirk running even with or just slightly behind all of the top candidates with the exception of Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D). She has strong leads in both the primary and general elections.

Video: Laura Ingraham on Al Gore’s money-making and global warming

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Patrick Ruffini on Jack Kemp

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


For those of us who came of age politically after Reagan was President, Jack Kemp was, if not Reagan, then the next best thing. He was arguably the most consequential and electric conservative between Reagan and Newt. Had Kemp run for President in 1996, I would have been his first volunteer (I missed ’88). Of course, Kemp’s contributions to the cause of freedom long predated that time, having helped Reagan break the grip of an oppressive marginal tax regime.

What made Kemp different is that he had an original idea of what conservatism could be. The post-Reagan period leading up to the Contract with America was a period of intellectual ferment for the movement. Kemp led the way in advancing a conservative idea that could appeal to non-traditional Republicans, with enterprise zones and school choice lifting more of the poor into the middle class. It was compassionate conservatism — but actually conservative.

The Republican Party in the ’90s then faced many of the demographic problems it does now. Perhaps in contrast to today, there was an actual good-faith attempt made to solve those problems, led by Kemp. Building a GOP that could appeal to urban areas may not have been the most logical next step politically, but it created an ambitiousness in the realm of ideas that we lack today. In the ’90s, we were electing Republican mayors in big cities like Rudy Giuliani, Steve Goldsmith, and Bret Schundler who created a model for how conservatives could govern deep in Democratic terrain.

Kraske: Tributes pour in for Jack Kemp

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Steve Kraske:

From Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt:

“Jack was a friend to Vicki and me, and we will miss him dearly. Jack was a great voice for common-sense conservatism in America both as a public official and as a private citizen. Legislation still bears his name, which is a testament to his effectiveness as a member of Congress.

“He also had a deep faith that he lived out every day. I am honored to have known Jack and worked with him in Washington. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy. Vicki and I will keep Jack’s wife, Joanne, and family in our thoughts and prayers.”

UK Times: ‘Japanese scientist claims breakthrough with organ grown in sheep’

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

HT Drudge.  UK Times:

Huddled at the back of her shed, bleating under a magnificent winter coat and tearing cheerfully at a bale of hay, she is possibly the answer to Japan’s chronic national shortage of organ donors: a sheep with a revolutionary secret.

Guided by one of the animal’s lab-coated creators, the visitor’s hand is led to the creature’s underbelly and towards a spot in the middle under eight inches of greasy wool. Lurking there is a spare pancreas.

KC Star: Obama may revive Guantanamo military courts

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The Star:

Officials said the first public moves could come as soon as next week, perhaps in filings to military judges at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, outlining an administration plan to amend the Bush administration’s system to provide more legal protections for terrorism suspects.

Continuing the military commissions in any form would probably prompt sharp criticism from human rights groups as well as some of Obama’s political allies because the troubled system became an emblem of the effort to use Guantánamo to avoid the American legal system.

AP: 2nd swine flu death in Texas

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico emerged from its swine flu isolation Tuesday as thousands of newspaper vendors, salesmen hawking trinkets and even panhandlers dropped their protective masks and joined the familiar din of traffic horns and blaring music on the streets of the capital.

There were still signs, however, of the virus that set off world health alarms. A Texas woman who lived near a popular border crossing was confirmed as the second outside Mexico and the first U.S. resident to die after contracting the virus. Mexico’s Health Department later announced three more confirmed deaths, raising the country’s total to 29.

Across Mexico, people were eagerly anticipating this week’s reopening of businesses, restaurants, schools and parks, after a claustrophobic five-day furlough.

“We have a lot of confidence nothing is going to happen,” said Irineo Moreno Gonzales, 54, a security guard who Tuesday limited takeout customers to four at a time at a usually crowded downtown Starbucks. “Mexicans have the same spirit we’ve always had. We’re ready to move forward.”

Marc Ambinder: Dems’ First Senate Ad Of 2010

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Marc Ambinder:

Here we have it: the first ad of the 2010 election cycle from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. For now, it appears Florida is the party’s first priority for 2010, in terms of Senate races.

The ad attacks Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for allegedly leaving his state in shambles, abandoning state budgets in favor of a Senate run.

Bob Dole on Arlen Specter, Bob Dole

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Alternative title to Star story: obligatory semi-annual picture of Dick Bond.

Bob Dole on commitment to principles (knowing Dole, it’s unclear as to whether the former Senate Majority Leader is joking with this quote).

On why he became a Republican: Dole said he counted Ds and Rs before running for office the first time in Russell and quickly determined the Rs were in biggers supply.

“So I became a committed Republican.”

Boxer vs. Fiorina?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

WASHINGTON – Facing the threat of a challenge from a Silicon Valley heavyweight, Sen. Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat first elected in 1992, has already raised $4.6 million for her re-election campaign next year.

And while that puts her in the middle of the fundraising pack among senators facing re-election next year, she could be facing a very expensive campaign if Republican Carly Fiorina, the wealthy ex-CEO of Hewlett-Packard, jumps into the race.

Boxer’s fundraising haul, which includes $887,583 in the first quarter of the year, “gives Boxer a significant head start in her campaign,” said Jennifer Duffy, who analyzes Senate races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. But while Boxer is the clear favorite 19 months before the election, “she could be in a competitive race” if Fiorina decides to challenge her, Duffy said Monday.

Fiorina is “seriously considering” entering the race, and Republican operatives in Washington said she would bring a high profile and her own wealth to the campaign. Fiorina had breast cancer surgery in early March and said she will make a decision soon.

Automatic Gas Tax Hikes approved in TN House sub-committee

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Ben Cunningham:

Link A House subcommittee has quietly approved legislation that would provide for automatic increases in Tennessee’s gasoline tax in the future, based

Susan Estrich: RIP to a GOP

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


The Republicans don’t want him. The Democrats do. They would have booted him out. We’ll do everything we can to support his re-election. It’s a tough day when you leave your party, but being a hero certainly beats being reviled. The truth is that by the time he left the Republican Party, Arlen Specter was a man without a Party. As my friend Brian Goldsmith points out, “forty-nine states do not have a moderate Republican senator.” Forty-nine down, one to go, I guess.

NRO: ‘Will a Lesbian Do, or Does It Have to Be a Trans-gendered Muslim Lesbian of Color?’

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Andy McCarthy at NRO:

At Contentions, Jen Rubin notes Politico‘s report, “Lesbian Lawyers Eyed for Supreme Court” (the headline has since been changed to the tamer though less alliterative, “Groups push for first gay justice”).

I was on the Lars Larson show last week right after the Souter announcement, so naturally the question of what we should expect in an Obama nomination arose. I answered, “I’m thinking a left-handed lesbian paraplegic.” I thought I was joking.

Intel says PC market hit bottom but shares slide: Reuters

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Intel Corp beat quarterly expectations and declared the worst was over for a battered tech sector, but its shares slid 5 percent after it said economic uncertainty ruled out a clear revenue forecast.

The world’s top chipmaker said on Tuesday personal computer sales hit a trough in the first quarter but there was still too much market and economic turbulence to allow a precise projection for the second quarter.