Chris Simcox wants to dethrone McCain: Politico


Many Arizona conservatives would like nothing more than to see Sen. John McCain knocked off in a Republican primary.

But few of them think Chris Simcox, the controversial founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps who recently announced he would challenge McCain, is a serious threat to do it.

Despite Simcox’s high-profile leadership on illegal immigration on the state’s southern border – a potent issue in the state’s Republican primary – party insiders say the 48-year-old former grade school teacher carries a heavy load of personal baggage and faces ample skepticism from rank-and-file Republican voters.

“I’m very unhappy with Sen. McCain. He’s pretty much spit in our eye,” said Dennis Durband, a conservative activist and editor of a website called The Arizona Conservative. “But I really don’t think [Simcox] is going to get any serious traction. There’s so much baggage in his past.”

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