Steve Rose: Please, Ron, don’t run against Sam Brownback

Steve Rose:

The coal-fired plants will be approved, not vetoed, under Sam Brownback.
Late-term abortions will be abolished in Kansas.
Every conceivable anti-abortion piece of legislation that is constitutional will be approved by Sam Brownback.
And all the right-wing anti-tax organizations, basically ruled by the powerful Koch Industries family in Wichita, which would eliminate all taxes and take us back to the Stone Age, would have an ally in the governor’s office.
On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, we will also have a governor who is committed to local control for schools. According to what Sam Brownback has to say today, he is a champion of returning much of the funding for schools back to the communities. Whether he could get that through the Legislature is another matter. But if Sam prioritizes that, it might get done.
So, goodbye moderate voices at the top. Gone will be the agendas of the moderate Republicans and Democrats who have ruled Kansas. Gone are the checks and balances.
The time will soon come for the far right to rule, whether you like it or not.

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