Terry Calaway’s ‘absolute power’ actions are ‘frightening’ and ‘bizarre’: Kaw and Border

Kansas blog Kaw and Border:

Rather than this “above board” approach allowing everyone to cool down and move on, essentially Calaway, with presumably the full cooperation of the majority of the Board of Trustees, has decided to manufacture a crisis over what could have been a simple acknowledged mistake.

Instead, they dug in their heels and still claim no violation ever occurred. JCCC President Terry Calaway sent an e-mail to employees criticizing Hodge and Jim Sullinger, the reporter who discussed the KOMA violation (and budget discussions) with Hodge. Ben Hodge was essentially a whistleblower — not just on the original KOMA violations but on the subsequent misinformation Calaway (and, through him, three other board members) has given the public.


Calaway’s actions and defense of violating KOMA are bizarre in themselves. Arguing that because the budget effects employees, that therefore the budget can be discussed in executive session, is perhaps the most ridiculous argument ever hatched out of a local board. Calaway has essentially dug himself an intellectual hole by basically saying that they will willingly violate the law. If you judge him by his ever-changing arguments, soon he will have dug himself to China. You can read about the entire saga in this post on RedCounty by Hodge. Folks, Calaway is actually even claiming that KOMA only applies to verbal statements.

Of course, this ignores the fact that Calaway said, in an e-mail to employees at JCCC, that budget issues were in fact discussed at the meeting.

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