The Fix: Top 10 races

The Fix:

10. Nevada Governor (R): Nevada Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons (or just “0″ in the parlance of Jon Ralston) has problems on top of problems. The latest? The unsealing of his divorce proceedings — never good — features allegations from his wife of multiple affairs including one with a former Playboy playmate. Former state Sen. Joe Heck, smelling political blood, is already in the primary race and others may join him. Can Gibbons possibly survive? It doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened. (Previous ranking: N/A)

9. Illinois Governor (D): Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has never been much of a fundraiser. And, his likely primary opponent — state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, has more than $4 million sitting in a state account that can be spent on a governor’s race. On an unrelated note, Quinn proposed that all candidates running for governor in 2010 should start with a $0 balance in their campaign accounts. Um, ok. (Previous ranking: 6)

8. Kansas Senate (R): The Kansas Republican party has spent the last decade or so tearing itself apart in a battle between its conservative and moderate wings. Now comes a different sort of problem: two well known conservatives — Reps. Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran – both want to replace Sen. Sam Brownback (R) in 2010. Both candidates will be well financed and will run serious campaigns. Moran may be a slight favorite because his massive congressional district means he has been exposed to more of the state’s voters but this is as close to a genuine toss up as you can get. (Previous ranking: 5)

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